Rare plat map of Sunset Islands, Miami, Dade Florida


Plat of Sunset Islands Miami Beach Dade County, Florida March 15, 1938


Rare original blueline plan and plat map of the four Sunset Islands in Miami, Dade County, Florida. Contains a inset location sketch, or context map of the islands, at a scale of 1" - 2640 feet. This plat map would have been used in the post-Depression era when sales on the Sunset Islands were rebounding. Date included for each lot to be sold included lot dimensions and price.

Note this an original 1938 one-of-a-kind blueline plat. It is not a modern reprint, copy, facsimile or giclee. Guaranteed.

Sunset Islands (I,II,III,IV) are four man-made islands located in Biscayne Bay and are home to some of Miami's richest and best known residents.

The Sunset Islands were developed by the Sunset Islands Company, headed by Steven. A. Lynch (1882-1969), President of Paramount Pictures. The islands were first platted in 1925. The Sunset Canals were dredged in 1926. Just as the Great Depression struck, Lynch finished filling the islands.

Despite Lynch's early start during the Florida 1920's land boom, construction of new homes on The Sunset Islands did not start in earnest until a decade later, in part because of delaying tactics employed by rival Miami developer Carl Fisher and also due to the slowdown in development during the land-boom crash of the Great Depression. Lynch built a residence on the southwest corner of Sunset Island II named "Sunshine Cottage."

The Sunset Islands were among the last man-made islands created in Biscayne Bay. This plat of the Sunset Islands from 1938 shows only about 25% of the lots with homes on them and almost 50% of the lots left unsold at that time Prices ranged from as low as $2,000 for small interior lots to $29,000 or even $30,000 for a .85 acre lot with 183 feet of waterfront on Sunset Island II.

CREATOR: Anonymous



BODY OF WATER: Biscayne Bay

CONDITION: Fair.  Solid with 1/2" margins. Tiny repaired tear at bottom center. Stains. Washed and flattened.



SIZE: 30 " x 19 "




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