Bonne, Rigobert

18th Century Antique World Map of the Western Hemisphere


Mappe-Monde sur le Plan d'un Meridien, Hemisphere Occidental.


Antique French map of the Western Hemisphere by cartographer Rigobert Bonne from Paris. The copper-plate engraving includes a very decorative compass rose, "Rose de Boussole", at right with all 32 compass points attributed to their named winds in the Mediterranean Sea (e.g., Levante, Syroco, Greco, Ostro, Ponente, Tramontana, etc.) At left is a representation of the globe divided into imaginary climatic zones by the Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the Arctic and Antarctic polar circles. Key features include New Zealand, North America, Bering Strait, South America, the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean, and the Azores Islands. The southernmost point depicted consists of the South Sandwich island group including South Georgia Island.

Rigobert Bonne was the successor to Jacques Nicolas Bellin as Royal Cartographer to France in the office of the Hydrographer at the Depôt de la Marine. This engraved 18th-century plate was published in 1787 in Bonne's ATLAS ENCYCLOPEDIQUE CONTENANT LA GEOGRAPHIA ANCIENNE, ET QUELQUES CARTES SUR LA GEOGRAPHIE DU MOYEN AGE, LA GEOGRAPHIE MODERNE, ET LES CARTES RELATIVES A LA GEOGRAPHIE PHISIQUE…. . Plate 21.

CREATOR: Bonne, Rigobert


GEOGRAPHIC AREA: World - Western Hemisphere

BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Very Good.  Very clean and bright. On heavy chain laid paper with wide margins. A strong impression with prominent platemark.

COLORING: Modern handcoloring.


SIZE: 14 " x 9 "




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