Poussin, Guillaume Tell


Scarce French antique charts of Florida bays, anchorages and ports

Plans Hydrographiques des baies, rades, ports et detroits des Florides sur le Golfe du Mexique. Dessine par le Major Poussin.

DESCRIPTION: Ten very scarce antique nautical charts of Gulf Coast bays, passes, and port entrances from Mobile, Alabama past Appalachicola, Florida and the Ochlockonee River. An attractive copperplate-engraved French hydrographic composite chart printed in 1834 by French cartographer Guillaume Tell Poussin. Contains ten insets of north U.S. Gulf Coast ports in Alabama and Florida. These inset charts show soundings and isobaths (contour lines) in English feet. Text in French. Plate # 8.

Insets include the following areas:
Fig. 1. Entrée de la Baie de la Mobile (Entrance to Mobile Bay, Alabama with Dauphin Island and Fort Gaines to the west and Mobile Point with Fort Morgan on the east)
Fig. 2. Entrée de la Rade de Pensacole (Entrance to Pensacola Bay, Florida with Santa Rosa Island and Fort Pickens to the right. Also noted are Fort Barrancas and a Navy shipyard near Point Tartar)
Fig. 3. Entrée orientale du Detroit ou Canal de Santa Rosa (Entrance to Santa Rosa sound, Florida from the east side of Santa Rosa Island)
Fig. 4. Entrees du Detroit de St. Andre
Fig. 5. Entrée de la Baie ou Rade de St. Joseph
Fig. 6. Entrée principale du Detroit de St. Georges
Fig. 7. Entrée du milieu du Detroit de St. Georges
Fig. 8. Entrée orientale du Detroit de St. Georges
Fig. 9. Entrée de la Baie d'Appalachicola (Entrances to Appalachicola Bay, Florida and river)
Fig. 10. Entrée de la Baie d'Ocklockony (Entrance to Ochlockonee Bay, Florida)

After a chart by W.H. Swift from 1829.

Published in: "Travaux d'ameliorations interieures projetes ou executes par le Gouvernement General des Etats-Unis d'Amerique, de 1824 a 1831"; par Guillaume-Tell Poussin … Atlas. Paris, Anselin, Libraire, pour l'art militaire, les sciences et les arts, rue Dauphine, No. 36, dans le passage Dauphine. Carilian-Goeury, Libraire, des ponts et chaussees et des mines, Quai des Augustins, No. 41. 1834.

CREATOR: Poussin, Guillaume Tell



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Mexico

CONDITION: Very Good  A handsome example. Copperplate engraving on wove paper with minimum 1 inch margins all around. Light stain to upper margins. One vertical fold.

COLORING: Attractive hand color.


SIZE: 25 " x 18 "


PRICE: $2100


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