Patten, Richard


A Rediscovered Chart- Sheet 5 from Richard Patten's Block Island Sound to Cuba


"A New Chart of the Southern Coast of the United States of America, from Block Island . . . to Cuba, 1820-23"


A singular U.S. privately-printed copper-engraved coastal chart on two joined sheets sold by Richard Patten, "Mathematical Instrument Maker", 180 Water Street, NY. (Cartographer unknown). This sheet of Patten's epic chart covers the Florida Keys, Cuba, and Jamaica.

Believed to be sheet 5 and the only known example of any sheet of Patten's 5 sheet chart of the U.S. East Coast extending from Block Island Sound down the US coast to Cuba. orientation.

Features suggesting this is #5 of Patten's large chart include:
  • Oblique chart orientation is 30 degrees east of North (unusual). A rough layout drawn to match orientation, proportions, and # sheets confirms potential coverage from Block Island to Cuba in 5 sheets.See additional images. .
  • Patten's trade card on verso confirms author/seller.
  • Latitude and longitude scales on both sides and bottom margins. Lack of scale markings at the top margin suggests it was the joined edge.
  • This sheet lacks title (assumed on Sheet 1).
Holdings: No sheet of Patten's 5 sheet chart are recorded in OCLC, Antique Map Price Record, LOC, Internet, Guthorn. Charts by Richard Patten are rare.

Richard Patten is listed as a mathematical instrument maker in the New York Directories from 1813-1840. (Smart, The Makers of Surveying Instruments in America since 1700, Vol. I, p. 114)

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Surveying compass by Patten with 4 1/4-in. dia. engraved silvered dial signed 'Rich d Patten, New York', engraved star pattern with compass points in block lettering.

CREATOR: Patten, Richard



BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Clean. Minor light stains. Minor edge tears. Blank verso. Right half slightly toned. Heavy stiff paper. No holes, major tears, or issues. Main sheet 60" wide. Additional attached 8" wing sheet.



SIZE: 68 " x 27 "




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