Batson, E. Bert


Cyanotype Map Sable Island Graveyard of the Atlantic Shipwrecks


Cyanotype Map Sable Island Graveyard of the Atlantic Known Wrecks since 1800 AD


Interesting, original cyanotype map "Sable Island Graveyard on the Atlantic Shipwrecks Since 1800", sold by E. Bert Batson, but after a design by Donald S. Johnson, a member of the Sable Island Lifeboat Organization. Copyrighted by R. Ian McDonald; in Canada 1938; in U.S.A. June 1948. Only one holding in WorldCat. No sales recorded in AMPR.

In 1916 E. Bert Batson started in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a junk dealer after a varied career as a soldier, sailor, and bank messenger. Batson bought from estate and Admiralty sales, auctions and other secondhand sources, selling his wares from a location on the Halifax waterfront, later moving to 36-38 Lower Water Street. His motto was "Everything from a needle to an anchor."

Here's a few paragraphs from a 1946 profile of Bert from Maclean's magazine:
You may know of Bert. A lot of people do. He’s the “Needle To An Anchor” man. His store on Lower Water Street in Halifax is a fabulous place. Broadly speaking, it’s a secondhand store; but actually it’s a combination junk yard, ship chandler’s, department store, antique dealer’s, curio collector’s heaven and commission broker’s. It’s a store that has gained world-wide fame for its claim that it contains everything you can’t find elsewhere. Its customers include shipping men, souvenir hunters, antique collectors and a lot of other people in America and Europe and everybody in Halifax. And it’s likely to sell them anything from secondhand rolled oats, discarded gold mines, kidney pills or unmarketable fish, to shower curtains, ship’s lanterns, conveyer belts, Epsom salts and used bathtubs.
(Online: O'Hearn, D. P. Maclean's Magazine, November 15, 1946.)

Cyanotype maps are generally scarce and the paper to produce cyanotype prints is no longer commercially available in the size and quality as in this old print.

CREATOR: Batson, E. Bert



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Clean with a few small repaired marginal tears, not impacting the image.



SIZE: 20 " x 36 "




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