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First Map of the State of Florida


The State of Florida Compiled in the Bureau of Topographical Engineers from the Best Authorities


A very large (40" x 42"), comprehensive, original map of Florida that was published in 1846, one year after Florida gained statehood. An important, and informative map of Florida, one of the first produced after Florida’s admission to the Union on March 3, 1845, carrying much useful military information particularly regarding the Seminole tribe.

This antique map exhibits great detail and precision, especially in the coastline, and gives much information on the physical and cultural geography of the state. Numerous forts and military camps are located. The surveys extend along the coast south of Cape Canaveral, with the majority of the southern interior portion of the state still unsurveyed.

The Florida Everglades are identified along with a notation regarding the land assigned to native Americans: "District assigned to the Seminoles by the arrangement of Gen.' Macomb May 18th 1839." Three large inset maps fill the Gulf of Mexico: "Key West as surveyed February 1829"; "Mouths of Swanee R. and Cedar Keys showing the Western terminus of a proposed railroad"; and "A General Map of part of Florida included between Cedar Keys and St. John's River."

The map was drawn by Joseph Goldsborough Bruff and finely engraved by D. McClelland of the Topographical Engineers. Bruff was a draftsman and cartographer who served as a mapmaker for the Bureau of Topographical Engineers. The Library of Congress notes:
" … J. Goldsbourough Bruff, was a native of Washington, D.C. At an early age he was admitted to West Point, but after only two years he was forced to leave the prestigious military academy after participating in a duel. He later became a professional cartographer and draftsman, as well as an amateur artist and adventurer. (Internet).

CREATOR: U.S. War Department



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Mexico

CONDITION: Good.  No holes, tears or other major issues. Map in good condition with minimal offsetting. Minor printer's wrinkle. Narrow margins as issued. On 2 joined sheets at issue.


ENGRAVER: D. McClelland

SIZE: 40 " x 42 "




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