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Sailing Vessels How to Distinguish Their Different Rigs


Varieties of Sailing Vessels. How to Distinguish Their Different Rigs, with Names of Masts, Spars, Sails, Standing and Running Rigging etc. etc. and How to Learn to Box the Mariners Compass. New and Improved Edition.


Small antique illustrated nautical booklet that defines and visually presents several types of 19th-century sailing vessels including: ship, barque, barquantine, brig, brigantine, schooners (top-sail, main-top-sail, fore and aft and three-masted), cutter, sloop, barge, lugger and others. At the end of the 19th century Norie and Wilson operated a nautical training adademy from 156 Minories with a focus toward training aspiring yachtsmen. This book would have likely been used by students of the academy.

With detailed plans of the standing rigging, running rigging, and square sails and driver for a merchant ship that name and relate each item to a drawing of the vessel. With additional illustrations showing the ropes, spars, and sails of both a yawl and a schooner.

Examples include:
  • Sloop- A SLOOP has one mast and fore-and-aft sails like the Cutter but has a fixed standing bowsprit and jibboom, inclining upwards: her jib set upon a standing stay with hanks and carries a top-sail, sometimes a flying top-gallant sail and gaff-top-sail.
  • Barque- A BARQUE , or Bark is a vessel with three masts square rigged at the fore and main masts like a ship, but differs from a ship in having no top at her mizzen mast and carrying only fore-and-aft sails (A spanker and gaff-top-sail) on that mast.
  • Lugger- A LUGGER has either two or three masts with square-cut sails set fore and aft, called lug sails- some carry top-sails. These boats are called by the French Chasse-marees.
Published from London, England by Norie and Wilson at the Navigation Warehouse and Naval Academy, 156 Minories E. The firm of Norie and Wilson operated from 156 Minories after 1878 when they moved from their previous site they and precursor firms had occupied since 1763 at 157 Leadenhall.

CREATOR: Norie and Wilson




CONDITION: Good.  Brown card board covers with some wear. Binding tight. Pages clean and free from major issues.



SIZE: 5 " x 8 "




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