Fuller and Whitney

Fenway Park land manuscript engineering studies Boston Back Bay

Plan of Region West of Back Bay Park Boston, Mass Scale 200 ft to an inch Jan. 1886 Fuller and Whitney C.E. Proposed Improvements

DESCRIPTION: One of a kind engineer's manuscript trace map and planning studies in the Back Bay of Boston, Massachusetts for land that now includes the site for Fenway Park. This is an important record for the development of the Boston Back Bay that provides insight into Back Bay land making project priorities and planning at the end of the 19th century.

The base map with associated eight planning studies encompass an area bounded by Brookline Avenue, the Boston and Albany railroad right-of-way, and Audubon Road. In 1886 Fenway Park (built in 1912) was not yet planned, therefore all the land was considered for residential purposes. An engineering study that includes a ball park does not exist.

One manuscript pen and ink master map on 'surveyors cloth' paper with nine manuscript overlays- one reflecting land ownership as it was and eight studies or future design options for alternate land plat options on 'surveyors cloth'. Each overlay 'study' presents an alternative layout for platting the land. With each study the waste percentage is prominently displayed next to the index number for the study. The inferred reason is that the purpose of the studies was to arrive at a configuration that minimized land waste.

No blueprints of the finished product are known to exist nor are there any other copies of this planning study.

Manuscript pen and ink with blue outline under color to provide dimension for the Back Bay Fens on the finished product for which this trace was intended- blueprint copies.

Fuller and Whitney's MS surveyor's index number in pencil: "1335" at lower left.

Note on photographs: (1) Shows the base map on which the 9 overlays could be placed. (2) Shows the base map with the overlay for the existing cadastral plat in 1886. (3) Shows the base map, original plat, and the eight planning studies arrayed around the base map.

CREATOR: Fuller and Whitney



BODY OF WATER: Boston Back Bay Fens

CONDITION: Very Good.  Signs of handling, a bit grubby, but otherwise near perfect.

COLORING: Blue coloring from the verso, as was the practice with trace artifacts.


SIZE: 25 " x 15 "


PRICE: $1800


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