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WWII Atlantic Survival Chart NEOU

WWII Atlantic Survival Chart by the Navigators and Engineer Officers Union

DESCRIPTION: Scarce, waterproof privately-published WWII survival map for the north Atlantic Ocean from 1942. Only one other copy of this chart is found online, attributed as a lifeboat chart. Odd that we don't see more of these charts. Published by the Navigators and Engineer Officers Union.

Although the Battle of the Atlantic had been underway since 1939 it was in January, 1942 that the first U.S. forces arrived in Britain and the first U-boats reached US waters, in total sinking almost 6,266,000 tons of shipping in 1942 alone. This chart, on waxed linen, was intended for use in a lifeboat or raft of an Allied vessel.

The front chart contains current indicators and arrow diagrams for indicating wind directionality and average wind speed. The chart was to be used:
"1) By men on rafts to estimate their drift from a known position and to help in choosing a course of action. 2) By officers directing air-sea rescue operations to help in choosing the search area and the method of search."

The verso of the chart contains textual descriptions of "Average Fog Conditions Over the North Atlantic".
"Issued by the Navigators and Engineer Officers Union in War-time service to Members with grateful acknowledgement to Messrs. Kelvin, Bottomley & Baird, Ltd. And Henry Hughes & Son for their assistance and help."

Published by the Navigators and Engineer Officers Union, 78 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3. The Navigators and Engineer Officers Union was formed in 1935 to take on the trade union functions of its predecessor Navigators and General Insurance Company Ltd. William Harry Coombs(1893-1969) served as the organization's General Secretary until 1943. (Longford, Mark. Navigators & General. Spring, 2011. Online). Bottom right corner: "M.B.F."

CREATOR: Navigators and Engineer Officers Union



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  On waxy linen. No holes, tears, or major stains. Lightly toned.



SIZE: 17 " x 10 "


PRICE: $300


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