Price, Charles

Chart of the Island of Hispaniola and Windward Passage


Correct Chart of Hispaniola with the Windward Passage Humbly Dedicated to Mr. John Machin Professor of Astronomy at Gresham College by C. Price Hydrographer to the King


Fine British chart of Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic) with eastern Cuba and the southern Bahamas. Contains two compass half roses. By Charles Price, a publisher, globe and instrument maker, and engraver.

Although printed in 1743, the chart has cartographic inspiration back to "Chart if the Iland of Hispaniola with the Windward Passage from Jamaica…" by William Fisher (1689), John Thornton (1698), several Mounts and Pages."

Charles Price apprenticed to John Seller and he planned to published a maritime atlas covering the whole world, but the venture was not a success and was never completed. Price was a debtor in Fleet Street Prison at the end of 1731. After Price's death (ca. 1733) his plates passed to Mount & Page, who added their names lower left. Sold by William Mount and Thomas Page, Tower Hill, London.

This map is from the English Pilot. The Fourth Book "Describing the West-India Navigation, from Hudson’s Bay to the River Amazones. Particularly Delineating The Coasts, Capes, Headlands, Rivers, Bays, Roads, Havens, Harbours, Streights, Rocks, Sands, Shoals, Banks, Depths of Water, and Anchorage, with all the Islands therein; as Jamaica, Cuba, Hispaniola, Barbadoes, Antigua, Bermudas, Porto Rico, and the Rest of the Caribee and Bahama Islands." The first edition of the English Pilot in 1689 was the first English atlas up to that time to include charts solely of American waters.

CREATOR: Price, Charles


GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Dominican Republic

BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Good..  Short margins at top and bottom. Some browning. Old repairs.

COLORING: Old hand coloring.


SIZE: 23 " x 19 "




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