Depot de la Marine

Antique French Chart of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Carte Particuliere de l' Ile de Saint Domingue Dressee d' apre's divers Plans manuscrits communiques par le Cen. Sorrel Ingenieur des Colonies'

DESCRIPTION: Old French map of Saint Dominque- the island of Hispaniola not yet divided into political entities of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Topography is shown in relief with extensive shading and hachuring. There is extensive depiction of the roads, rivers, and towns that populate the interior of the island. While the map does provide the user with visual geographic details, the is no information either of elevation of the terrain, nor are there any depth soundings. The map was published by the Depot de la Marine in "An XI" - the 11th year after the French Revolution of 1803. Two changes on the map from an earlier edition of the same map published before the revolution are that the Depot de la Marine logo incorporates the letters "R.F." (Republique francaise) and the town previously denoted as "Port au Prince" is called "Port Republicain" in the post-revolutionary edition.

CREATOR: Depot de la Marine


GEOGRAPHIC AREA: Dominican Republic

BODY OF WATER: Caribbean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Some weakness at the fold repaired from the verso.



SIZE: 35 " x 21 "


PRICE: $750


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