van Keulen, Gerard

Dutch chart of the English Channel from Calais to Dover


A New Gradually Encreasing Compass-Map, of the Coming in of the Channel, or the Heads; Containing a Part of the Coast of Boulonnois; extending from Callis to Dannes, as also in England from the South Foreland to Rye…


Original antique Dutch nautical chart ca. 1730 of the English Channel by Gerard van Keulen with a title cartouche written in English, French, and Dutch. On the English side of the Channel in Kent the shoreline extends from Rye and Socket with the Rye Camber past Hyth, Sandgate Castle, Dover and Dover Castle, ending at the South Foreland. Just east of the mouth of the Rye is shown a lighthouse on a large sandbar- the Dungeness ( Dungines of Singel ) . This is probably the structure known as 'Lamplough's Tower' originally constructed in 1635 that would have still been standing 100 years later.

Across the Channel the coast of France is shown from Dannes to Pointe d' Alpree, Boulogne, Fort d'Ordre, Ambleteuse, Wissant ( Wisam ) Cap Grines, Cap Blanet, and ends at Calais ( Cales ), France. Features noted on the chart include the Forest d' Mardelot, La Liane, Moulin de Ramseau, Moulin de Coquelle, and Fort Nieulay.

By Gerard van Keulen (1678–1726), son of Johannes van Keulen (d 1715), founder of the Dutch publishing house that produced "the largest and finest marine atlases in Holland". Gerard possessed mathematical, scientific, and engraving skills that enabled him to build the firm started by his father into a substantial and respected business venture. (C. Koeman. "The Sea on Paper: The Story of the Van Keulens and their 'Sea Torch'."Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. Amsterdam, 1972).

CREATOR: van Keulen, Gerard



BODY OF WATER: English Channel

CONDITION: Very good.  Clean with a touch of age-toning at the edge consistent with the antiquity of this chart. Good impression on heavy, chain-laid paper with wide margins.

COLORING: Attractive hand-coloring.


SIZE: 23 " x 20 "




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