Arrrowsmith, John

Antique map of southeast Australia with discoveries

Map of the South East Portion of Australia, Shewing the Progress of Discovery, in the Interior of New South Wales, to 1832.

DESCRIPTION: Scarce antique map by John Arrowsmith (1790-1873) is an early record of Australian history. The old map documented recent discoveries (as of 1832) in the interior of the southeastern portion of the continent of Australia. Coverage includes the Australian coastline from Brisbane to Adelaide (not named as it was not founded until 1836, 4 years after publication of this map).

Contains light outline color denoting tracks of exploration in the region between 1817 and 1829, and the miles explored by each. The explorers include: General Oxley, Lieutenant Currie, Mr. Hume, Mr. Allan Cunningham, and Captain Stuart.

Portions of the coast are denoted with dashed lines indicating that even by 1832 there were parts of the coast that were still poorly explored. Numerous notes about the character of the geography geology, and fauna of the region. For example Lake Alexandrina is described:
"The Lake is 50 miles long and 40 broad very shallow in some places, has several fine Bays, its water brackish it communications with Encounter Bay by a passage impracticable even for the smallest boats...The rise of the Tide does not exceed 8 inches."

Published in 1832 from London in Vol. 2 of the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society.

John Arrowsmith was a cartographer to both the Royal Geographical Society and the Parliamentary Reports. Those roles gave Arrowsmith access to information on the latest discoveries and he created numerous maps of Australia and other areas, revising the maps with results of later information. Published by John Murray, Albemarle Street. London.

CREATOR: Arrrowsmith, John




CONDITION: Very good.  On thin paper as issued. One vertical and one horizontal fold as issued. Short left margin at about 1/4".

COLORING: Original outline color.


SIZE: 16 " x 13 "


PRICE: $650


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