Ayrouard, Jacques

Antique plan of the port of Civitavecchia, Italy

Plan du Port et Rade de Civitavechia

DESCRIPTION: Plan of Civitavecchia, Italy also referred to as the "port of Rome", as it lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 50 miles south of Rome. The antique chart is by Jacques Ayrouard (Marseilles ca. 1732- 1746) from a scarce atlas titled: "Recueil de Plusiers Plans des Ports et Rades et de Quelque Cartes Particulieres de la Mer Mediterranee". Identifies only a few features by name including "la Darce" or the old port, and significantly "les Chantiers des Galeres" or the boatyard where galleys were constructed and repaired.

In the attribution Ayrouard is described as "Pilot Real" or pilot of la Reale, the flagship of the French galley corps with a total complement of about 550 including 360 oarsmen and 100 soldiers. In their Dictionnaire de la Marine from 1702 Covens and Mortier explain:
"(Réale) is the name of the main galley of an independent kingdom, not of a tributary kingdom annexed to a greater one. The Réale, in France, is reserved for the general of the galleys and flies the royal ensign which distinguishes it from the others. This ensign is square in shape and red in colour, with golden fleurs-de-lys." (Internet)
Ayrouard was likely one of the last such pilots as the French Corps des Galeres was disbanded in 1748 and incorporated into the regular French sailing navy.

Little information exists on Ayrouard's background but like Henry Michelot, Ayrouard was a pilot of the French royal galley, the Reale, based in Marseille, France. However, Ayrouard's port plans and rare sea charts are very different from Michelot's earlier works. The much larger size (18"x11") and extensively shaded topography seen in this plan of Antibe are distinctive characteristics of Ayrouard's plans. Engraved by Louis Corne. Published with the royal privilege.

CREATOR: Ayrouard, Jacques



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  On strong laid paper with ample margins. Minor age-toning and offsetting.


ENGRAVER: Louis Corne

SIZE: 17 " x 11 "


PRICE: $525


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