Barbey, Isidore-Théodore

Very rare broadsheet. Barbey clipper-ship advertisement. Havre, France

Plan de Chambre (Dunette) des Paquebots Clippers desservant Valparaiso & Lima. Armateur Mr. Th. Barbey Havre & Paris

DESCRIPTION: Very rare and historical clipper-ship advertisement for ships (Paquebots / Clippers) owned by Isidore-Théodore Barbey of Havre, France. Barbey's ships were known for their white hulls. This important broadsheet likely dates to the earliest shipping enterprise owned by Barbey, before incorporation in 1855. Not found online. Lithographed by Lenormand, Rue de l'Hopital 37, Havre.

The goal of the advertisement was to convey the luxuriousness of traveling on Barbey's ships by including a detailed plan for the Grande Chambre with tiny four-person staterooms and a single watercloset for all passengers. Housed below the "dunette", a high, exposed deck at the stern of the ship, was an antechamber, an office, dining table and cabins for two captains, and 30 passengers. For reference to key points in the ship's construction the lithograph shows the location for the mizzen mast (mat d'artimon) and the rudder post (gouvernail).

In 1839 Isidore-Théodore Barbey founded in Le Havre a shipping company for trade with Valparaíso and Lima. The company prospered, with six ships in 1850, and was incorporated as Compagnie d'Armement Maritime in 1855. Passenger ships operated on scheduled lines from Le Havre to Valparaíso, Vera Cruz, La Plata, Bahia and Reunion. The magnificent, white-hulled ships were nicknamed "white clippers". The shipowner never insured his ships and reinvested the saved premiums [likely the reason the ship does not appear in Lloyd's extensive records]. In 1857, Barbey owned 39 vessels and had another 34 in construction.

Barbey clipper-ship house flag. Barbey flag: White with black letters.

(Source: Flags of the World.")

CREATOR: Barbey, Isidore-Théodore




CONDITION: Very Good.  Clean and strong with 1/2" margins all around. No holes or tears or condition issues.



SIZE: 24 " x 18 "


PRICE: $3500


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