Baron, Samuel

Earliest engraved view of Hanoi, Vietnam

The City of Cha-Cho, the Metropolis of Tonqueen. Their galleys and their manner of rowing.

DESCRIPTION: A fine example of the earliest engraved view of Hanoi, Vietnam. Shows important buildings in Hanoi of the time identified in the key at center left: Sandy Bay, the King's Arsenal, the King's Elephant's Stables and the English and Dutch Factories. Contains interesting representations of indigenous rowed galleys of that era.

This antique view, "The City of Cha-Cho the Metropolis of Tonqueen", is a copper-plate etched print, by Samuel Baron. Baron published his account of mid-17th century Hanoi in 'A Description of the Kingdom of Tonqueen, by Samuel Baron, A Native Thereof'. Published from London in 1744 by Awnsham and John Churchill. Page 122.

In his description of the Kingdom of Tonqueen, Samuel Baron described the city of Hanoi (Ca-Cho) for a European audience, particularly with regard to its commercial potential.
"… the city of Ca-cho is the metropolis of Tonqueen, lieth in the latitude 21 degrees north, about 40 leagues from the sea, and may, for its capaciousness be compared with many cities in Asia, and superior to most for populousness, especially on the first and fifteenth of their new moon; being their market days or grand Bazaar; when the people from adjacent villages flock thither with their trade in such numbers as is almost incredible; several of the streets, tho' broad and spacious, are then so crowded that one finds enough to do if he can sometimes advance through the multitude a hundred paces in half an hour.
(Source: Online.

CREATOR: Baron, Samuel



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Tonkin

CONDITION: Very Good.  Clean on thin laid paper with a prominent platemark. Strong impression. Small spot near left bottom.



SIZE: 15 " x 11 "


PRICE: $600


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