Bertius, Petrus

Descriptio Maioricae et Minoricae

Descriptio Maioricae et Minoricae (Mallorca, Minorca)

DESCRIPTION: Colorful miniature antique map of the Balearic Islands (Baleares) of Majorca and Minorca, Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. This lovely copper-plate engraved map is from a Latin edition of Petrus Bertius' Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum. The basis of the "Tabularum" was the atlas Caert Thresoor by Barent Langenes, first published in 1598. Key named features include Porto Pin, Calafigur, Calalonga, Menacor, Cabo Formentelli, Porto Fornelle, and San Catharina.

Sea monsters and a lateen-rigged sailing ship beautifully decorate the map while filling empty areas in the sea. In the crow's nest high above the deck a sailor is depicted throwing objects overboard, a detail perhaps related to a ritual of good fortune.

Latin text on verso.

Petrus Bertius (1565 – 1629)

Cartographer, theologian, historian, and geographer Petrus Bertius was born in Beveren-aan-de-Ijzer, a village in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The village is located near the border with France.

The son of Flemish preacher, Pieter Bardt, Bertius was related by marriage to cartographers Jodocus Hondius and Pieter van den Keere. Petrus Bertius studied at the University of Leiden and later traveled in Germany and Russia. In 1620 he emigrated to France and he was appointed as a cosmographer to the Court of Louis XIII.

CREATOR: Bertius, Petrus



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Latin text on verso.

COLORING: Old hand coloring


SIZE: 5 " x 4 "


PRICE: $350


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