Bordone, Benedetto

Very early Balearic Island charts with Ibiza and Majorca

Very early Balearic Island charts with Ibiza and Majorca

DESCRIPTION: Two of the earliest obtainable maps of Spain's Balearic Islands: Majorca / Mallorca, Minorca / Menorca, Ibiza / Eivissa, and Formentera. A single sheet containing two antique woodcut maps (one map on each side). Published from Venice in 1534 in the second edition of Benedetto di Bordone's 'Isolario', or "Island Book". The Isolario provided nautical-chart inspired maps of islands alongside information for travellers on their culture, myths, climate, and history.

Recto contains a map with a portion of the eastern coast of Spain, at that time part of the "Regno de Catelogna", with five un-named settlements near "C. Martino" (today a diving spot kown as Cabo de San Martin) that may include Gandia, Javea / Xàbia, or Alicante. Offshore of the coast are the Balearic islands of Ibiza ("Ieuiza") and Formentera ("Formentazia") with the smaller surrounding islets of Tagomago, "Famolaria" (Santa Eulalia ?), and "Dragoneza" in the vicinity of Illa Sa Conillera. The last may be a error on the part of Bordone as there is an island "Illa Sa Dragonera" but it is located off the coast of Mallorca in roughly the same relative location to the west of the island.

Verso contains a map with Majorca ("Maiorica") with "Porto Colobo" or the Bay of Palma, and Minorca ("Minorica") with " Porto Mao" or Port Mahon. Two islets shown are Illa de l'Aire ("Cabrera") and "Dragonera".

Bordone's directional symbols correspond to many of the Italian names for the principal Mediterranean winds including, [G]reco; a cross denoting East ; [S]irocco; [O]stro or South; [P]onente or West; and [M]aestro.

Bordone (1460-1531) was a Paduan cartographer, and an illustrator of manuscripts, best known for his 'Isolario' or book of islands. Bordone's work was only the second isolario ever printed, the first being that of Bartolommeo Dalli Sonneti published in 1485. Text in Italian.

CREATOR: Bordone, Benedetto



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean Sea

CONDITION: Very good.  Clean on a full sheet of chain-laid paper. No condition issues.



SIZE: 5 " x 3 "


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