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Antique British Chart Port of Bombay India

Port of Bombay surveyed by Navigation Lieutenants E. W. Petley and T. C. Pascoe, R.N. 1880-81

DESCRIPTION: Rare antique British harbor chart of the port of Bombay (Mumbai), India by the British Admiralty Hydrographical Office. This fine engraved chart covers the Port of Bombay on the east side of the southern peninsula from Prince's Dock (built in 1885) at the north down just past Sassoon Dock in the south.

At left of the chart is a table of data about the wet docks and graving docks including the width of the entrance and the depth over the sill. Six informative profile views of local aids-to-navigation include :
  • The Malet Shelf Beacon
  • North Channel Beacon
  • South Channel Beacon
  • North Kolaba (Colaba) Beacon
  • South Kolaba (Colaba) Beacon
  • Sunk Rock Lighthouse
Some of the key features and locations noted at the Port of Bombay are:
  • Great Indian Peninsula Railway lines and yard
  • Bombay, Baroda & Central India rail lines and Kolaba RY station
  • The dockyard
  • Sailor's home
  • Church Gate RY station
  • Fort district
  • Castle [Castle da Orta]
  • Ice house
  • Carnac, Nicol, and Musjid basins
  • The Pilot Pier
Published at the Admiralty 14th January 1885 under the Superintendence of Captain W. J. L. Wharton, R.N. Hydrographer. Number 655. Sold by J. D. Potter, London. Last corrections in 1886. Engraved by Davies and Company.

CREATOR: British Admiralty Hydrographical Office



BODY OF WATER: Bombay Harbor

CONDITION: Good.  Clean except one spot near bottom left. Small tears at left repaired from verso. Manuscript pencil notations at bottom outside the neatline.

COLORING: None except aids to navigation highlighted in yellow.

ENGRAVER: Davies and Company

SIZE: 14 " x 23 "


PRICE: $1650


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