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Scarce British chart of the Falklands from Fitzroy, Robinson, and Sullivan

The Falkland Islands surveyed by Captn. Robert Fitz Roy R.N., Comd. William Robinson, Captn. Bartw. James Sullivan 1838 … 1845.

DESCRIPTION: Scarce, perhaps very rare, British hydrographic chart of the Falkland Islands based on observations taken during the surveys of Captain Robert Fitzroy (1805 -1865) and others. Includes ten coastal elevation views of the Falklands as seen from sea. Published by an act of Parliament in 1841 this chart was printed with corrections and additions in 1880. With the seller's oval blue ink stamp of Phillip, Son & Nephew, Agents for the Admiralty Charts, 49 South Castle Street, Liverpool.

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Robert Fitzroy studied at the Royal Naval College. His first command was the famed sloop HMS Beagle. During the Beagle's second voyage (Dec. 1831 - Oct. 1836) Fitzroy surveyed the coasts of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Straits of Magellan, accompanied by the naturalist Charles Darwin, whose later publications were largely based on discoveries and observations made during this voyage. Darwin and Fitzroy shared quarters aboard the Beagle and their discussions aboard ship are believed to have greatly influenced Darwin.

The main purpose of the expedition was to conduct a hydrographic survey of the coasts of the southern part of South America. The voyages of the Beagle established FitzRoy as an excellent navigator, a sound surveyor and a man of science. Suffering from depression, Fitzroy took his own life with a straight razor in 1865. Today a settlement on East Falkland is named in honor of Robert Fitzroy.

Chart no. 1354.

CREATOR: British Admiralty Hydrographical Office



BODY OF WATER: South Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Very Good.  Strong. On heavy paper with no holes or major tears. Band of slight darkening at the top of chart. One tiny marginal tear repaired.


ENGRAVER: J. and C. Walker

SIZE: 24 " x 37 "


PRICE: $4000


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