Coronelli, Vincenzo

Primi Elementi o Introdutione al Corso Geografico

Primi Elementi, o Introdutione al Corso Geografico descritto P. Coronelli, Cosmografo della Serenissima Republica di Venetia. Dedicato all' Illustrissimo Signor Paolo Bellegno Nepote dell eccellenza del Sigr. Giusto Antonio Belegno. Senatore Meritissimo.

DESCRIPTION: An attractive, fine original copper-plate engraving that illustrates the basic principles of geography. The main map is a double hemisphere without landmasses, showing lines of latitude and longitude and climate zones The left sphere is inscribed with the names of the compass points and directions. The right sphere is inscribed with the names of the winds, and the is sphere divided into climatic zones.

The spheres are surrounded by several smaller spherical diagrams and tables making in all a very interesting and informative graphic compilation of the state of geographical knowledge in Venice, Italy at the end of the 17th century. From Coronelli's Atlante Veneto, based on work derived from his large globes.

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718) is considered as one of Italy's most famous and greatest cartographers. Coronelli was an Italian Franciscan friar, cartographer, cosmographer and encyclopedist, a trained wood engraver who studied astronomy, Euclidean geometry and ancient philosophy and was named cosmographer for the Republic of Venice.

Coronelli became most famous for his very large globes built in Paris from 1681-1683 at the order of King Louis XIV. His terrestrial and celestial globes measured 3.9 meters in diameter and were not equaled for more than 200 years.

CREATOR: Coronelli, Vincenzo




CONDITION: Good.  Laid paper. Fine physical condition with small remnants of scratches at the bottom right, suggesting wear to the engraved plate.

COLORING: Hand Coloring.


SIZE: 23 " x 17 "


PRICE: $650


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