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Old nautical chart of the harbor and town of Cartagena, Spain

Plan de la Ville, du Port et de l'Arsenal de Carthagene, à la Côte Orientale d'Espagne; par 37° 35’ 50” de Lat.e et 3° 21’ 30” Long.e à l’Ouest de Paris Réduit du Plan levé en 1788, par Don Vicente Tofino, Officier de la Marine Espagnole et Publié au Dépôt général des Plans et des Cartes de la Marine et des Colonies l'an VIII de la Républiqe.

DESCRIPTION: Attractive antique harbor chart of Cartagena ( Carthagene ), Spain derived from the surveys of Admiral Don Vincente Tofiño de San Miguel. Noted geographical features of this plan of the port city of Cartagena on Spain's Mediterranean coast include Escombrera Bay ( Ensenada de Escombreras ) and Escombrera Island, Cartagena Harbor, "Montagne des Maures" ( Cerro de los Moros ) , "Petit Algameque" ( Algameca Chica ) , Plage des Chaloupes, and Cap Negrete.

Based on Tofino de San Miguel's chart which was originally published from Spain in the Atlas Maritimo de España in 1789. This later French edition was published by the French Depot General des Cartes et Plans in year 8 of the French revolution which dates it to roughly 1799 - 1800.

The chart contains much detail of both the terrain, local fortifications, and hydrographical features. A legend at top left contains several dozen entries keyed to military, religious, and secular locations of importance. Among these are "le Catedrale"- the cathederal; "Le Bagne"- the prison; "Depot de bois dans l'eau"- a series of connected pond-like pools near the shipyard where planking, spars and other lumber used in shipbuilding could be seasoned in water; "Pompe a Feu" - the fire pump; and numerous other entries. Sailing directions at top right. All text is in French.

CREATOR: Depot de la Marine




CONDITION: Good.  A strong impression on strong chain-laid paper. A bit of foxing near the top and on the verso. Two small repairs to the margins, outside the neatline and not impacting the image,



SIZE: 20 " x 15 "


PRICE: $600


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