Depot de la Marine

Plan de l'ile de Saint Pierre au Sud De Terre-Neuve

Plan de l'ile de Saint Pierre au Sud De Terre-Neuve. Leve en 1763 par le Sr. Fortin Ingenieur Geographe et Publie du Depot General des Cartes, Plans et Journaux de la Marine…

DESCRIPTION: Antique French sea chart chart of the island of Saint Pierre about 25 miles south of Newfoundland, in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean.. Lying just offshore of Saint Pierre are numerous smaller islands including Le Grand Colombier; Isle aux Chiens, Isle aux Pigeons, and the gruesomely named "Isle Massacre". The small village is referrerd to as "le Bourg".

Several features on this chart suggest it was rushed into production. These features include numerous small rectangular areas where the engraving had been smoothed and then re-engraved with place names or descriptors, and at least one area where the chart was smoothed but then left blank. These new additions include "Teste de Galantry"; "Broussailles" ( Fr. Brush wood); and "Bois de Chaufage" (Fr. Heating wood).

In the year this chart was published, 1763, under the terms of the Treaty of Paris, France ceded all its North American possessions, but Saint-Pierre and Miquelon were returned to France. Saint Pierre and Miquelon is today a self-governing overseas territory of France.

Large decorative title cartouche at bottom left is adorned with garlands. Rhumb lines extend from a simple compass rose at right. At bottom right the anchor stamp of the Depot de la Marine and a later red hand-stamp of the "Military Depot" containing the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom: a shield and crown flanked by a lion and unicorn.

CREATOR: Depot de la Marine



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good  Clean, on thick paper with wide margins. On heay paper. A few small archivally repaired marginal tears as is common, outside of the image.



SIZE: 35 " x 22 "


PRICE: $550


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