Direccion Hidrografia


Antique Spanish chart of the mouth of St. Johns River, Florida

Boca and Barra del Rio San Juan

DESCRIPTION: A scarce Spanish nautical chart by the Direccion Hidrografia of the mouth (boca) and bar (barra) of the Saint Johns River, Florida near Jacksonville. A scholarly summary by the the University of Miami of a similar map notes the rarity of these early antique Spanish charts:
"It is from a Spanish portfolio showing harbor areas in its last colony in North America's eastern portion. Very few maps are available that were made by them in the second Spanish Period." Internet.

North is oriented at the upper right.

The St. Johns is the longest river in Florida - 310 miles long. It is one of the few rivers in the United States that flows north. The source of the river is a large marshy area in Indian River County that flows north and turns eastward at Jacksonville, FL to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean.

From the second part of "Portolano de la America...", published in 1818 by Spain's Admiralty department, the Dirección de Hidrografía. In 1809 the Direccion first published this atlas of plans of bays, harbors, and ports from Spain’s New World possessions: "Portolano de la America Septentrional Construido en la Direccion de Trabajos Hidrograficos". (Updated in 1818). Plate 40.

CREATOR: Direccion Hidrografia



BODY OF WATER: St. John's River

CONDITION: Very Good.  On 19th century heavy laid paper with a very prominent platemark. A fine impression.

COLORING: Fine, attractive hand-coloring by wash technique.

ENGRAVER: T. Gonzalez

SIZE: 10 " x 7 "


PRICE: $1325


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