Direccion Hidrografia

Rare Antique Plan of the Port and Anchorage at Barcelona, Spain

Plano de la Ciudad, Puerto y Rada de Barcelona : situado el punto (*) en latitud de 41°21'48", 2 N. y longitud 8°26'47", 43 E. de Cádiz

DESCRIPTION: Very interesting antique Spanish chart / port plan of Barcelona, Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. One of 16 charts and plans published by Spain's Direccion Hidrografia in the rare Spanish hydrographic atlas: "Portulano de las Costas de la Península de España, Islas adyacentes, y parte de la Costa de Africa. Construido y publicado en la Direccion Hidrografica, Cadiz ano 1813."

With (now faded) MS dedication and attached anchoring instructions, both in English. The dedication read "Presented by W??????? To his fd (friend?) Mr. Fleming Cadiz July 12, 1816." That date is 3 years after the atlas was first issued from Cadiz.

Scarce, no copy in AMPR

Included manuscript sailing directions reads
"In the outside Harbour of Barcelona to protect yourself of the E. and S.E. winds, anchor as follows= The light with the Tower of Merced and the coast of Garaf open on the south of Montjuif, anchoring in 18 - 25 f[athoms]mostly sand, from which … an east wind you can pass the Llobregat."

A circled spot on the map with light penciled isobaths (contour lines) at 10 and 20 fathoms seem to support the anchoring recommendation in the sailing directions.

Depth soundings are in "pies castellanos" ( 1 Castillian foot = .2786 m or .914 feet).

CREATOR: Direccion Hidrografia



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean Sea

CONDITION: Good.  Repaired chip to upper left margin well outside the neat lines. Washed.



SIZE: 12 " x 10 "


PRICE: $600


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