Favereau, Charles-Eugene

Manuscript Notebook of Vice Admiral Charles Favereau with Charts

Manuscript Notebook of Vice Admiral Charles Favereau with Charts and Plans

DESCRIPTION: French Vice-Admiral Charles Eugene FarereauRare and desirable notebook including much tight French script and eight MS charts and port plans from the early training cruises of Vice-Admiral Charles Eugene Favereau (1856-1936), then an aspirant (Midshipman) in the French Navy.

Favereau entered Naval School in October, 1872 and after three years was an aspirant in October, 1875. Favereau first served on the training ship ALEXANDER and then on the GAULOISE in the Mediterranean and in 1877 on the MAGICIENNE in the Pacific. (Source: http://ecole.nav.traditions.free.fr/officiers_favereau_charles.htm)

During a long career in the French Navy Favereau served as Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and Captain aboard the cruiser NAIADE, the battleships FORMIDABLE, REPUBLIC, ST.LOUIS and BAYARD. On June 30, 1910 Favereau was promoted to contre-Admiral, and on January 28, 1914 to Vice Admiral . He left the Navy in 1918.

Favereau's eight ink manuscript harbor plans and charts include ports on the Mediterranean north coast of Africa, the Azores, Spain, and the islands of Madeira.
a) Port d'Alger (Algiers)
b) Plan du Mouillage de Mers al Kebir
c) Partie est de Madere (East portion of the Madeira archipelago)
d) Plan de Funchal et de la Baie
e) Western Azores (Sao Jorge, Faial, and Pico)
f) Plan of Fayal (Faial) and Baie de Horta
g) Faial-Pico channel
h) Vigo estuary and Cies Islands

Text of about 80 pages in French. Small drawings of devices and machinery related to weapons and artillery. With small notations in red at several points believed to be grades or acknowledgement of completion by an instructor.

CREATOR: Favereau, Charles-Eugene



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Pages all intact and clean except for usual wear. Charts and plans without major condition issues. Binding strong. Marbled boards with much wear to edges.



SIZE: 8 " x 10 "


PRICE: $3500


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