Ferbrache and Welton


Unrecorded antique real estate map for Chicago Heights addition

Ferbrache & Welton's addition to Chicago Heights the Great Manufacturing Center of Chicago, Ill.

DESCRIPTION: Unrecorded map and advertisement from 1891 for Ferbrache and Welton's new addition near the nascent Chicago Heights development, then under construction, located to the south of Chicago, Illinois. No other copy of this map and sales advertisement is located anywhere.

A group of Chicago developers led by Charles Wacker established the Chicago Heights development in the 1890's as an industrial suburb. Wacker bought up much of the land around the two railroads. Developers convinced residents to change the name to “Chicago” to associate it with its booming neighbor to the north and “Heights”because the location is one of the highest in the county.

Key features on the map include Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway (or Outer Belt RR), , Michigan Central Railroad, Rolleston, the New Stock Yards, Joliet, Evanston, Waukegan, Lake Michigan.

Recto with a map of the Chicago area and the location of the new addition highlighted in red ink; Chicago Heights in black ink. Verso with a comparison of the Chicago Heights development vs. Ferbrache and Welton's new development that highlights the large profits investors could expect by buying in the addition where land was less expensive than in Chicago Heights. A list of reasons investors could make money by purchasing in 1891 include:
  • The highest ground in Cook County.
  • Railroads running over 100 trains per day.
  • Abundant water supply…
The ad concludes with a financial incentive that sounds too good to be true:
"You will attend the World's Fair of course [Opened May 1, 1893]. Then provide for all your expenses by buying a lot in this Subdivision and we will guarantee to sell it for you by that time at a profit of over One Hundred Dollars ($100)."
George H. Welton, Manager, 1008 Chamber of Commerce.

CREATOR: Ferbrache and Welton



BODY OF WATER: Lake Michigan

CONDITION: Good.  Slight age-toning. Minor edge tears and holes at folds repaired archivally from the verso. Thin paper. Folds.

COLORING: Red ink used in bottom title highlighting the new development.


SIZE: 11 " x 13 "


PRICE: $350


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