Grant, John A. Jr.

Official City Map of Lighthouse Point, Florida

Official City Map of Lighthouse Point, Florida by John A. Grant Jr. Registered Land Surveyor 1141 State of Florida

DESCRIPTION: Official City Map of Lighthouse Point, Florida prepared by John A. Grant Jr. Registered Land Surveyor 1141 State of Florida. The map was prepared in 1960 and later adopted in 1964. This edition is dated to 1988. No copy is found online.

The seaside community of Lighthouse Point is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale located in northeastern Broward County, Florida, United States. Lighthouse Point was named for the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (map bottom right), located in Hillsboro Beach. In 2010 the population of Lighthouse Point was 10,344.

This map is hand colored to highlight neighborhood names and is colored by hand to represent the local zoning district. Pasted typed and hand-colored paper zoning legend at left provides an index to the zoning district designation by color. These districts in 1988 were:
  • RM-25 Apartment Districts
  • RM-16 4-Family Residence
  • RD-10 2-Family Residence
  • RS-3 Single Family Residence
  • B-3 Single Family Residence
  • B-3A Special Business Districts
  • B-3 General Business Districts
  • B-2A Planned Business Districts
  • B-2 Community Business Districts
  • B-1 Neighborhood Special Business Districts

Map, matted and framed with plexiglass glazing. Total overall size is 26" W x 37" H.

Price includes packing and shipping, insurance, within the Continental USA. Not shipped internationally due to size.

CREATOR: Grant, John A. Jr.



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean,

CONDITION: Very good.  Clean. Not examined out of frame

COLORING: Hand colored highlights.


SIZE: 16 " x 27 "


PRICE: $650


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