Henri Sbonski de Passebon

La galere Patronne a la rame

La galere Patronne a la rame

DESCRIPTION: "La galere (galère, Fr.) patronne a la rame" is one of a series of 17 antique folio-sized copperplate engravings created ca. 1690 by French galley Captain Henry Sbonski de Passebon. This print was engraved by Claude Randon, as part of a volume of nautical architecture plates first published from Marseille where, in the late 17th century the arsenal was home port to the galley service of Louis XIV.

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De Passebon was stationed at Marseilles as a Lieutenant in the Corps des Galeres during the period that he produced the drawing from which this antique print was engraved. Therefore this plate, drawn from first-hand observation, is perhaps the best record of the Patronne available. There was only one Patronne in the Galley Corps, typically reserved for the Lieutenant General des Galeres and the Patronne was second in prominence and beauty only to the royal galley, the Reale.

Attribution at bottom left: "Randon delineauit et sculpsit cura D'ni de Passebon Equitis"
Royal privilege at bottom right: "Marsiliae cum privilegio Regis"
Seller's attribution: "Se vendent a Marseilles chez Laurent Bremond sur le port au Coin de reboul"

CREATOR: Henri Sbonski de Passebon




CONDITION: Good  On heavy wove paper. Strong impression and platemark. Small repair to split at bottom centerfold from recto with archival tissue.. Two vertical folds as issued.

COLORING: Beautiful modern hand color.

ENGRAVER: Claude Randon

SIZE: 22 " x 17 "


PRICE: $1100


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