Huquier, Jacques-Gabriel

Antique optical print view of the Rock of Gibraltar

Vue de detroit, et de la Ville de Gibraltar petitte Ville d'Espagne dans l'Andalousie , appartenant aux Anglois depuis 1704

DESCRIPTION: Lovely vue d'optique or optical print ca. 1760 of the Rock of Gibraltar with the walled city of Gibraltar depicted below. In the foreground ships-of-the-line are shown underway.

Attribution at bottom reads "A Paris ches Huquier Graveur fils rue St. Jacques, au dessus celle des Mathurins au Gd. St. Remy." Jacques Gabriel Huquier (1725 - 1805) was an engraver and printseller located at Rue St. Jacques in Paris, France. Jacques-Gabriel fils was the son of Gabriel Huquier, also a printseller and engraver who worked from the same address. According to Jeffares, Jacques-Gabriel Huquier made a fortuitous marriage in 1758:
"[J.G. Huquier] married Anne-Louise, the daughter of the engraver Jacques Chéreau. She brought a dowry of 10,000 livres, mostly in stock in the business at rue Saint-Jacques, “au Grand Saint-Rémy”, and for the next three years with Huquier fils and Chéreau collaborated as engravers and printsellers." Online source.
By 1772 Huquier had abandoned his family and emigrated to England.

CREATOR: Huquier, Jacques-Gabriel



BODY OF WATER: Strait of Gibraltar

CONDITION: Good.  Clean, bright. Ample margins. Strong chain-laid paper with no notable issues.

COLORING: Period hand coloring.


SIZE: 14 " x 10 "


PRICE: $350


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