Michelot and Bremond


Carte Particuliere des cotes D'Espagne et de Barbarie

Carte Particuliere des cotes D'Espagne et de Barbarie depuis Gibraltar jusqu' au Cap de Palle et depuis Ceuta jusqu' au Cap Ferat. Didee a Monseigneur le Grand Prieur de France General des Galeres.

DESCRIPTION: Antique, attractive early 18th-century working portolan-style nautical chart of the western Mediterranean Sea with the southern coasts of France and Spain. This original rare nautical chart was produced by Henri Michelot and Laurent Bremond, who had close, first-hand experience with many of the areas they charted.

Chart coverage includes the Mediterranean coasts of Europe and Africa (Barbarie) from the Strait of Gibraltar and Ceuta in the west through Marbella, Malaga, Almeria and Cartagena to Cap Palle in the east. Dozens of guard towers are noted along the coast; they would have been crucial during that era of intense raiding from the Barbary coast. Includes two large insets, one of Gibraltar and the other of the Bay of Tangier (Tanger).

Some unique features not found in other Michelot and Bremond antique nautical charts include a depiction of a navigator (Michelot?) sitting atop bales of merchandise embellished with initials and symbols related to the authors and engraver, and surrounded by maritime objects and navigational instruments including chart, compass and cross-staff. A separate and unexplained distance scale is included inside the neat line near bottom left. As these additional scales are found only on small-scale charts, their probable intended usage is for navigators' placement of divider points so as not to damage the master distance scale by repeated pricking.


CREATOR: Michelot and Bremond



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean, Bay of Gibraltar, Bay of Tangiers

CONDITION: Very good.  Strong paper, no holes or tears. Clean and bright. Professionally remargined outside the neat line at top. Printer's smudges to extreme right center.


ENGRAVER: P. Starck-man

SIZE: 27 " x 19 "


PRICE: $1850


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