Michelot and Bremond

Plan de la Baye et Rades du Sofa

Plan de la Baye et Rades du Sofa

DESCRIPTION: Scarce large-scale antique copperplate Mediterranean / Balearic sea chart of the coast surrounding the Bay of Sofa from galley pilot Henri Michelot and Laurens Bremond. Coverage of the coast of Catalunya Spain from Les Cases de Alcanar to past the Tortosa (Tortose) river to approximately Riumar. Chart details include Serra del MontsiĆ , Amposta (Emposta), Sant Carles de la Rapita, and the salinas.

A monastery and numerous guard towers are identified as is a "source d'eau", of great importance to those traveling aboard the galleys which held only enough water for two weeks at best.

Single colored compass rose with rhumb lines. Numerous soundings.

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Henry Michelot and Laurens Bremond

Henri Michelot was an early 18th century French cartographer with a close connection to the sea. Michelot, self-described Hydrographer and Pilot of the Galere Royale or Royal Galley, was then part of a corps of approximately 40 galleys (galeres) or oared sailing vessels stationed in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast. In the Mediterranean, galleys were based primarily at the arsenal in Marseilles, France. Galleys were typically rigged with the triangular Mediterranean "Lateen" sail(s).

Bookseller and royal hydrographer Laurent Bremond "Hydrographe du Roi et de la Ville" sold charts and maritime books from his establishment in Marseille located near the port at the corner of Reboul street ( "au Coin de Reboul").

The output of Michelot and Bremond, from approximately 1715 through 1730 consisted of an atlas of 16 small-scale charts, a port book of 37 large-scale charts, and a coast pilot of the Mediterranean: "Portulan de la Mer Mediterranee, ou Guide des Pilotes Cotiers." Their work (the "Portulan" was published in several languages at least until 1805) and was a primary source of navigational information about the Mediterranean for years. The charts of Michelot and Bremond were often copied by others such as Kitchin and Roux.

CREATOR: Michelot and Bremond



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean

CONDITION: Very good.  Paper only very slightly tanned but strong with good platemark. Slightly browned at edges and a few small smudges. Strong impression and platemark.


ENGRAVER: P. Starck-man

SIZE: 10 " x 7 "


PRICE: $350


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