Nordenankar, Jan


Chart of Northern Gulf of Bothnia ( Botten Wiken )

Pass Charta Botten Wiken Pa Kongl. Maj.ts Allernadigste Befallning

DESCRIPTION: Scarce antique Swedish nautical sea chart by Nordenankar of the upper portion of the Gulf of Bothnia with portions of the coasts of Sweden and Finland. Includes these noted cities and features: Umea, Skelleftea, Pitea, Lulea, Tornio, (Tornea), Kemi, Oulu (Uleaborg), Brahestad, Jacobstad, and Kokkola ( Gamla Carleby ).

Produced by Swedish Admiral and cartographer Johan Corvin Nordenankar (1722-1804). Nordenankar, in order to gain major experience at sea early in his career, served in both the English and Maltese navies, participating in a battle between Maltese galleys and an Algerian ship on May 16, 1752. Returning home to Sweden, Nordenankar rose through the ranks of the Swedish navy first as Lieutenant-Commander and later in 1772 served as head of the galley fleet stationed in Stockholm.

Nordenankar is best known for his work as Director of the sjökarteverket, Sweden's nautical chart department, in the 1780's. During his tenure as Director he led the survey and charting of areas that previously were only poorly documented including the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland, the Sound, Kattegat and Skagerrak. These areas had become more important militarily to Sweden with Russia's advances into the region and improvements to the cartography of the area had stalled after intial work by Peter Gedda, Nils Power Crona, and Jonas Hahn. Nordenankar's work leading the renewed charting of the region resulted in the publication of at least 11 charts under his name. (Reference:

Much hydrographic detail, soundings, and hazards. Left and right portions of the chart contain numerous profile views of the coastline as seen from sea. Engraved by Arkrel. Number 3.

CREATOR: Nordenankar, Jan



BODY OF WATER: Gulf of Bothnia

CONDITION: Good.  On strong wove paper. Impression trending a bit light in some areas. Black smudge at extreme bottom right, barely past the neatline. Altogether good condition considering the scarcity of this plate.



SIZE: 36 " x 24 "


PRICE: $1200


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