Smollett, Tobias G.

Antique harbor plan or chart of Havana, Cuba

A Plan of the City and Harbour of Havanna, Capital of the Island of Cuba.

DESCRIPTION: Fine antique plan of the harbor and town of Havana ("Havanna"), Cuba in the Caribbean Sea from the middle of the 18th century. Rhumb lines, navigation hazards, sandbanks, and soundings suggest this small plan was based on a larger, probably military nautical chart of the location.

In writing about the port's defenses the author notes at bottom: "There are 2 castles on the shore one to the E. and the other to the W. each 5 miles from the town and mount 10 th. 12 guns."

20 key locations are identified, labeled alphabetically, and explained at bottom. For example:
  • a. El Fuerte where the Governor resides, 22 guns.
  • b. The point gate and small fort
  • d. The barracks
  • g. The custom house and shipyard
  • k. Asiento factory
  • t. Nunneries
Other points of interest identified by the author include: Guanabacoa; Venta of Inn de Marmoleno; Estero de Cajunar; Morro Castle 52 guns; Battery called the 12 Apostles; Fort St. Maria de la Punta 30 guns; Nuestra Senora de la Regla [patron of the Bahía de la Habana].

The harbor plan of Havana comes from "History of England" by T. Smollett, published by Richard Baldwin, London. 1765.

CREATOR: Smollett, Tobias G.



BODY OF WATER: Havana Harbor

CONDITION: Very Good.  Clean with minor age toning. Copper-engraved map on a strong sheet of period laid paper with no major issues. Slight bleed-through from text on verso. Side margins as short as 1/4".



SIZE: 5 " x 8 "


PRICE: $175


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