Ayrouard, Jacques

Plan de La Baye du Gourien et des Isles St. Marguerite

Plan de La Baye du Gourien et des Isles St. Marguerite

DESCRIPTION: Scarce, antique nautical harbor plan / chart of the village of Cane' (Cannes) France on the French Riviera with the offshore Lerins Islands. On the largest of these islands, Ile Sainte-Marguerite, the Man in the Iron Mask was held prisoner during 1687-1698. This antique chart of the area around Cannes is by Jacques Ayrouard (Marseilles ca. 1732- 1746) from a scarce atlas titled: "Recueil de Plusiers Plans des Ports et Rades et de Quelque Cartes Particulieres de la Mer Méditerranée".

Interior areas shown with little structural detail, but do contain significant shading and hachuring to convey elevation details. Little information exists on Ayrouard's background but like Henry Michelot before him, Ayrouard was a pilot of the French royal galley, the Reale, based in Marseille. However, Ayrouard's port plans are very different from Michelot's earlier works. The much larger size (18"x11") and extensively shaded topography are distinctive characteristics of Ayrouard's charts.

On chain-laid paper. Large compass rose with fleur-de-lis. Plate 13.

CREATOR: Ayrouard, Jacques



BODY OF WATER: Mediterranean

CONDITION: Fair  Four small worm holes, two which barely intrude into the neat line. Additional vertical fold, flattened. Significant foxing and light stains. Small weak spot at right in land area, not noticeable unless chart is held to the light.


ENGRAVER: Louis Corne

SIZE: 18 " x 11 "


PRICE: $390


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