Deering, G.G.


Launch Invitation for the ghost ship Carrol A. Deering

Launching of the Schooner Carroll A. Deering

DESCRIPTION: Original folding invitation and menu for the launching of the famous ghost ship Carroll A. Deering in April, 1919. On January 29, 1921 the 5 masted schooner grounded on the outer shoals of Cape Hatteras. The ship was abandoned and the crew, logbooks and navigational equiptment were never found. The case of the Carroll A. Deering is one of the top maritime mysteries, along with that of the Mary Celeste.

According to an online article by the National Park Service:
"On January 29, 1921, the Carroll A. Deering was making a return trip to Hampton Roads, Virginia from Barbados when she passed the Cape Lookout Lightship. According to the lightship keeper, the crew was milling about and a crewman, who did not look or act like an officer, reported that the ship had lost its anchors. The following day, the ship passed the SS Lake Elon southwest of the Diamond Shoals Lightship at approximately 5:45 pm. The Deering seemed to be steering a peculiar course. This was the last report of the ill-fated Deering before she was found run aground and abandoned. At 6:30 am on January 31st, C.P. Brady of the Cape Hatteras Coast Guard Station spotted a five-masted schooner in the morning light, aground and helpless on the shoals…. Upon investigating the ship, it was discovered that all personal belongings, key navigational equipment, certain papers, and the ship’s anchors were missing. Furthermore, food was laid out as if in preparation for a meal. But there was no sign of the crew. Source:

Purchased in 2013 with other Deering memorabilia. Dated April 4, 1919. Cover contains the colored emblem of the G.G. Deering Company flag. Interior contains details of the launching of the Carroll A. Deering including the name of William Merritt, Master and a menu of the lunch served to guests at King Tavern in Bath, Maine.

CREATOR: Deering, G.G.



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  On card stock. Cover browned and with a very small chip missing at bottom right corner. Interior clean.

COLORING: Deering flag in two colors.


SIZE: 5 " x 8 "


PRICE: $375


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