Direccion Hidrografia

Rare Spanish chart of northwest South America exploration

Carta Esferica Que Comprehende La Costa Occidental de America Desde Sieto Grados de Latitud sur Hasta Nueve Grados de Latitud Norte. Levantada De Orden del Rey N.S. En 1791. Por Various Oficiales de su Real Armada

DESCRIPTION: A scarce, finely engraved original nautical chart of the northwest coast of South America from 1800. With the logo of the Deposito Hidrografico. Shows the tracks of Malaspina aboard the Atrevida and Corveta (1). In the area of Ecuador the map is overlaid with the lines of the triangulation survey of La Condamine (2). Engraved by Fernando Selma. Dedicated to Don Antonio Cornel.

Shows the erupting volcano "Sangay" in Ecuador's eastern cordillera near to La Condamine's survey location.

(1) Malaspina Expedition - a voyage of scientific exploration sponsored by the Spanish government in the late 18th century. Led by Alejandro Malaspina the expedition set sail in 1789 with the aim of exploring and mapping the coasts of South America, Alaska, and the Philippines. The expedition included scientists, cartographers, and artists, and was one of the most extensive scientific expeditions of its time.

(2) Charles Marie de La Condamine was a French geographer, mathematician, and explorer who lived from 1701 to 1774. La Condamine conducted a triangulation survey near Quito, Ecuador and other locations during his expedition to South America. His goal was to measure the length of a degree of arc at the equator, which helped to confirm the shape of the Earth as an oblate spheroid. La Condamine also made important contributions to the study of Amazonian geography and culture, and he was one of the first Europeans to provide a detailed account of rubber.

CREATOR: Direccion Hidrografia



BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Solid. Margin ragged on right as shown.

COLORING: Hand colored.

ENGRAVER: Fernando Selma

SIZE: 21 " x 32 "


PRICE: $1800


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