deHora, Manuel Herrera

Antique Manuscript Gold-mining Map Antioquia Region in Colombia

Mining Map of the Nechi River Between Dos Bocas and Rio Caceri.

DESCRIPTION: Early gold-mining map in manuscript pen and ink on surveyor's tracing "cloth" by New York based mining engineer Manuel Herrera de Hora (1849-1934). Rare manuscript trace document of the gold field leases, including Oroville Dredging Company, near the Nechi River in Colombia, S.A. ca. 1913. For use in reproducing multiple blueprint (cyanotype) copies of the map.

"In my opinion, there is no part of the world so favorable for investment and so attractive from the gold miner’s point of view as the Department of Antioquia. [Colombia]"

"Dredgeman's paradise".

In his presentation to the American Institute of Mining Engineers in August 1913 de Hora made the business case for the profits that could be made using barge-mounted dredges to mine the thick gravel placer gold deposits along the Nechi, Cauca, and Porce Rivers near Zaragoza in Colombia's Antioquia department.

In his analysis de Hora reviews the history of gold-mining in the Antioquia region, describes topography and the physical properties of the region's gold, estimates risks and resource availability, and provides useful information on Colombia's liberal mining laws and climate. (de Hora, M.H. The Gold Placers of Antioquia, Republic of Colombia, South America. Bulletin American Institute of Mining Engineers. July 1913. p. 1197.)

The New York Times obituary of de Hora in 1934 reads like chapters in an adventure novel:
  • As Soldier of Fortune and a Mining Engineer Had a Thrilling Career.
  • Shanghied in his Youth
  • Reported to have Seized a Warship and Steamer--A Police Chief in South Africa
  • CREATOR: deHora, Manuel Herrera



    BODY OF WATER: Nechi River

    CONDITION: Good.  Paper strong as typical with tracing paper and without any major condition issues. A few tiny holes along the folds. Ample margins. Grubby/dirty at top.

    COLORING: Hand color, some from verso.


    SIZE: 17 " x 23 "


    PRICE: $2100


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