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Scarce Spanish chart of north Amelia Island and St. Marys River bar.

Boca and Barra de Rio Santa Maria

DESCRIPTION: A scarce Spanish nautical chart of the mouth (boca) and bar (barra) of the Saint Mary's River, Florida. A scholarly summary of the map from the University of Miami notes the rarity of this small antique chart:
"This rare map shows the St. Marys River, which is the northern border of eastern Florida. It is from a Spanish portfolio showing harbor areas in its last colony in North America's eastern portion. Very few maps are available that were made by them in the second Spanish Period." Internet.
No record of the sale of the "Rio Santa Maria" map is reported in the Antique Map Price Record.

Includes portions of Fernandina Beach and north Amelia Island, Florida; Little Tiger Island, Florida; and south Cumberland Island Georgia.

Over 200 years ago, this chart of the bar with depth soundings, would have been very useful to mariner's entering or departing the St. Marys river. Shows "Fort Arruinado" ( Fort William ) on the southern tip of Cumberland Island.

The St. Marys River is a remote blackwater stream, located in southeastern Georgia and northeastern Florida, forming the easternmost border between the two states. The St. Marys serves as critical habitat for numerous rare, threatened or endangered species.

From the second part of "Portolano de la America...", published in 1818 by Spain's Admiralty department, the Dirección de Hidrografía. In 1809 the Direccion first published this atlas of plans of bays, harbors, and ports from Spain’s New World possessions: "Portolano de la America Septentrional Construido en la Direccion de Trabajos Hidrograficos". (Updated in 1818). Plate 40.

CREATOR: Direccion Hidrografia



BODY OF WATER: St. Mary's River

CONDITION: Very Good.  On 19th century heavy laid paper with a very prominent platemark. A fine impression.

COLORING: Fine, attractive hand-coloring by wash technique.

ENGRAVER: T. Gonzalez

SIZE: 10 " x 7 "


PRICE: $1350


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