Fuller and Whitney

Antique blueprint plan of Boston near Huntington and Massachusetts Avenues

Plan showing subdivision of Lots 70, 106, 597, 67 1/2 and others with additions showing owners names to date January 1, 1886.

DESCRIPTION: Original cadastral blueprint plan from Jan. 1, 1886 of a portion of the Boston' Back Bay east of Massachusetts Avenue. The area includes the current location of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra at 236 Huntington Ave. In the upper portion of the plan an artifact of the blueprint process reveals where a piece of lint or vegetation landed between the surveyor's trace and blueprint paper during exposure of the paper to sunlight.

The area for this blueprint in Boston, Massachusetts is bounded on three sides by Falmouth Street, West Chester Park (now Massachusetts Avenue) and St. Botolph Street. Verso is blank. Sheet is labeled "M".

Fuller and Whitney
Back Bay Engineers (1872- 1888)

From 1872 to 1888, Fuller & Whitney Civil Engineers thrived as a partnership between J. Franklin Fuller and William H. Whitney. In 1888, Whitney assumed sole proprietorship, boldly renaming the firm "William H. Whitney" to reflect his visionary leadership.

1881 MS Trace Fuller and Whitney Ad and Order Form

1881 MS Trace Fuller and Whitney Ad and Order Form
(not included)

In his autobiography Whitney refers to his work with the latest cutting-edge reprographic technology- blueprinting:
“In September 1881 I received a bronze medal at the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Exhibit for sun or blue prints. I developed a process from the French and used it in illustrating the growth of Back Bay lands. I issued to subscribers monthly schedules and maps showing the changes of ownership, increase in value, improvement by filling and public works.” (The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Vol 64, January 1910. Number 253. p. lix)

CREATOR: Fuller and Whitney




CONDITION: Very good.  No condition issues. Clean and VERY blue. Ample margins.



SIZE: 13 " x 15 "


PRICE: $300


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