Gudin, Baron Theodore

D'Espineville de Harfleur brule une flotte Hollandaise

D'Espineville de Harfleur brule une flotte Hollandaise de vingt deux sur les cotes d' Angleterre (Auot 1555)

DESCRIPTION: This engraving depicts a battle in 1555 between twenty-two Dutch warships and twenty-five French off Dover in the English channel. During the battle five French vessels were set on fire. French crews jumped overboard and swam to the nearest vessel for safety, whether friend or foe. The Dutch recovered so many French sailors that it was impossible to guard them thoroughly, the result of which was that the rescued French sailors overpowered and captured five Dutch vessels and brought them as prizes to Dieppe. In all, 1000 Dutch and 400 French sailors are thought to have perished (although Dutch sources disagree). The French Admiral, d'Espineville was one of the casualties.

This fine work from the original 19th century plate, is a 20th century reprint from the Louvre of an etching and engraving on steel plate by Chavane. Subject matter is based on a painting by French Marine Painter Baron Theodore Gudin (1802-1880 ) in 1839.

With the circular embossed stamp of "Chalcographie Musee National du Louvre". La Chalcographie du Louvre is a repository of more that 13,000 plates from the Louvre's archives, housed upstairs above the Louvre's Paris galleries . Upon request visitors can have a engraving produced from one of those original plates by master printers on museum-quality paper.

CREATOR: Gudin, Baron Theodore



BODY OF WATER: English Channel

CONDITION: Very good  Strong impression on a large sheet of very heavy wove paper with a distinct, visible platemark at bottom center.



SIZE: 9 " x 6 "


PRICE: $90


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