Homann, Johann

Regni Norvegiae Accurata Tabula

Regni Norvegiae Accurata Tabula in qua Praefecturae quinque Generales Aggerhusiensis Bergensis Nidrosiensis Wardhusiensis et Bahusienis ostenduntur Ioh. Baptista Homanno, Noribergae

DESCRIPTION: Decorative copper-plate engraved antique map of Norway by Johann Baptist Homann (1664-1724) . Homann was a profilic German cartographer and publisher who was appointed cartographer to the Holy Roman Empire from 1715.

After Homann's death his maps were re-published by his heirs. Homann Heirs (also "Homannianis Heredibus" or "Homann Erben" or "Heritiers de Homann") was a company established after the death of Homann to carry on the publishing business of the firm he started in the early 1700's. The designation "Homann Heirs" appears on maps published by that successor firm from about 1730 to 1848. This antique map does not carry that designation but probably dates to to ca. 1742 - 1748.

At bottom left of the map is a highly decorative title cartouche containing the Norwegian state coat of arms, a lion bearing an axe. Beneath that emblem are depicted numerous nymphs cavorting in the sea.

CREATOR: Homann, Johann



BODY OF WATER: Atlantic Ocean

CONDITION: Good.  Bright and clean, on chain-laid paper with an undecipherable watermark. Remains of binders stub on the verso. Right margin is 7/16". At bottom left corner smudges have resulted in loss of image clarity for a very small section of the corner.

COLORING: Old hand outline and wash coloring.


SIZE: 21 " x 19 "


PRICE: $500


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