Luffman, John

Antique map of Cadiz, Spain engraved for Luffman's Select Plans

Luffman: Antique Map of Cadiz, Spain. 1800.

DESCRIPTION: Fine copper-plate engraved plan of Cadiz, Spain not far from the Strait of Gibraltar. As described by Luffman:
"Cadiz. The capital of Andalusia and the commercial capital of Old Spain is situated on the northern extremity of the Isle of Leon and Surrounded by an irregular fortification, but its best defence are the breakers by which it is nearly environed. Latitude 36 30 North. Longitude 6, 40 West from London"

From "Luffman's Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbors, Forts etc. in the World". Engraved and published by John Luffman, No. 28 Little Bell Alley, Coleman Street, Cheapside, London. November 1, 1800. Volume I, Number 67.

Luffman also provided similar engravings to this at about the same time for J.T. Serres' "The Little Sea Torch: or, True Guide for Coasting Pilots." Serres translated the Little Sea Torch from an earlier illustrated coasting pilot guide, based on Bougard's "Le petit flambeau de la mer", first published in 1684.

John Luffman (1751-1821) began his career as an engraver, producing a very large and fine map of Antigua, where he had resided in 1787 and 1789. That map was published by Luffman to accompany his 'A Brief Account of the Island of Antigua', 1788." Luffman shared the same sad fate as many publishers and was declared bankrupt on 9th March, 1793. Moving forward Luffman was more cautious and produced small format atlases and handy-sized maps of the theatres of war, principal towns and cities and battle-plans relating to the Wars of the French directorate and the subsequent Napoleonic War.

CREATOR: Luffman, John




CONDITION: Very Good.  A fine example. On robust paper with very wide margins.

COLORING: Attractive old hand coloring.


SIZE: 5 " x 6 "


PRICE: $220


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