U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research

WWII three-dimensional weather map training simulator.

WWII three-dimensional weather map training simulator.

DESCRIPTION: From the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research Special Devices Center, a set of three, three-dimensional pilot training weather simulators (Device 12-K-2a) produced during WWII. This device is noteworthy for its connection to Rear Admiral Luis de Florez (1889-1962) who established the Special Devices Desk at the U.S. Navy during WWII.

De Florez, an MIT graduate, was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the National Center for Simulation in 2014.
"As both an active duty and a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, de Florez was influential in the development of early flight simulators, and was a pioneer in the use of virtual reality to simulate flight and combat situations in World War II."

"In 1941 ... Commander de Florez became head of the new Special Devices Desk in the Engineering Division of the Navy’s Bureau of Aeronautics. De Florez championed the use of synthetic training devices and urged the Navy to undertake development of such devices to increase readiness."

During World War II, he was subsequently promoted to captain and then to Flag rank, becoming a rear admiral in 1944.In 1944, de Florez was awarded the Robert J. Collier Trophy for 1943 for his work in training combat pilots and flight crews through the development of inexpensive synthetic devices. (https://www.simulationinformation.com/hall-of-fame/members/luis-de-florez)

Set of 3 folding weather map models on heavy card stock that present a three-dimensional view of typical cyclonic storms:
  • Map 1. Early Stage of Development
  • Map 2. Cold-Front type occlusion
  • Map 3. Warm front type occlusion
Each model depicts a single storm through a series of eight slices or sections representing storm development across a front of 800 miles and a depth of 1000 miles at a single point in time.

CREATOR: U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research




CONDITION: Good.  3 models with some grubbiness and browning but solid and without major issue. Envelope disintegrating.



SIZE: 9 " x 10 "


PRICE: $300


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