de Fer, Nicolas

Isle of Wight, Solent, and South England

Isle of Wight, Dressee sur les Derniers Memoires

DESCRIPTION: Antique nautical chart of the Isle of Wight, the Solent, and part of the south coast of Great Britain by French cartographer Nicolas de Fer. Published in 1692. Noted features of this attractive, colorful sea-chart include: Parkhurst Forest ("Wachinu Park"), the Golfe de Southampton, Pointe de Rames-head, Harve de Hamble, Harve de Rey, Presqu' Isle de Freshwater, Presque Isle de Binbridge, Banc de Mackett, and Spithead. Habitations shown include: Tirchfeild, Newchurch, Portsmouth, Gosport, Worth, Yarmouth, Newport, Helene, Nordwood, Yaverland, and St. Laurens Park. Two insets at bottom depict Tor Baye, and the Scilly Islands ("Isles Solrlingues").

The title cartouche carries the attribution: " A Paris Chez N. de Fer dans l'ile du Palais sur le Quaye de 'lOrloge a la Sphere Royale, aver Priv du Roy, 1692". Published from Paris, France by French geographer and cartographer, Nicolas de Fer (1646 - 1720). De Fer was a prolific producer of maps and prints who among other honors, was appointed as official geographer to the Spanish King in 1702.

CREATOR: de Fer, Nicolas



BODY OF WATER: English Channel

CONDITION: Very good.  Clean and bright with no condition issues. On stout, chain laid paper. Adequate margins for framing. Rolled with no folds or creases.

COLORING: Modern attractive hand coloring.

ENGRAVER: H. van Loon

SIZE: 12 " x 14 "


PRICE: $400


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