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5082Map of the Caribbean Sea for the Atlas Steamship Company.DetailsAtlas Steamship Company1896
Track of the Atlas Line showing the Special Cruises Season 1897 - '98.
Atlas Steamship Company
$90.00Atlas-Steamship-CompanyTrack-of-the-Atlas-Line-showing-the-Special-Cruises-Season-1897----98-Map of the Caribbean Sea for the <b>Atlas Steamship Company</b> showing their special passenger cruises in a six-panel folding brochure "Special Cruises of the Atlas Steamship Company's Mail Steamers to the West Indies & the Spanish Main." <br></br> Ports visited on the Special Cruises included New York; Port Royal, Jamaica; Cartagena, Colombia; Barranquilla (Sabanilla), Colombia; and Port Limon, Costa Rica. The twenty-five day cruise cost on $125. <br></br> With an ink stamp on the cover for an unknown reading room. Brochure folds to 4" x 8".