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4796Cyanotype (blueprint) map of the Corita Vineyard, Los Altos Hills, CA.DetailsBarker, Curtis M.1925
Fine antique cyanotype map of Corita Vineyard, Palo Alto California
Barker, Curtis M.
$0.00Barker--Curtis-M-Fine-antique-cyanotype-map-of-Corita-Vineyard--Palo-Alto-CaliforniaSOLD <br></br> Rare and desirable original cyanotype (blueprint) topographic survey map of the <b>Corita Vineyard</b>, then located in Los Altos Hills, about 4 miles south of Stanford University and Palo Alto, California. The map is dominated by Page Mill Road and by Moody Road; a course table is inset for each thoroughfare. Dated within at 1905 but later, developed from a well-worn surveyor's trace. Little information is available online on Corita Vineyard, consistent with the apparent scarcity of this old cartographic artifact. <br></br> Title reads: <b>"Map of the Corita Vineyard. Being lots 3 & 4 of the Briones Partition of the la Purissima Conception Rancho the property of A.B. Blanco Surveyed in Feb. and Mar. 1905. Curtis M. Barker, Surveyor and C.E. San Jose, Cal."</b> 547 acres. Scale: 3600:1 . Contour interval: 25 feet. <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> <b>La Purissima Conception Rancho</b> - 4439 acre Mexican land grant given in 1840 by Governor Juan Alvarado to José Gorgonio and his son José Ramon. In 1844 Gorgonio sold the one square league Rancho La Purísima Concepción to Juana Briones de Miranda. <BR/> <b>Briones Partition</b> - Juana Briones (b. 1802) sold about three quarters of her rancho in 1861 to Martin Murphy Jr. of Sunnyvale, who had come to California with the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party in 1844. Briones gave the remaining 1,130 acres (4.6 km2) of her rancho to her children, who bore their father’s name, Miranda. Until it was demolished in 2011, the Juana Briones home, a California registered landmark, stood at 4155 Old Adobe Road.<BR/> <b>A.B. Blanco</b> - owner of the Corita Vineyard in 1905.<BR/> <b>Curtis M. Barker</b> - Licensed surveyor and Civil Engineer (b. 1861). Employed as assistant civil engineer by Leland Stanford University in 1885-1893. Surveyor and civil engineer in San Jose, CA from 1894.</b> </div>