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6759Pictorial map of Wishon Cove Camp, California.DetailsClary, A. D. 
Pictorial map San Joaquin Power Club Wishon Cove Camp
Clary, A. D.
$250.00Clary--A--D-Pictorial-map-San-Joaquin-Power-Club-Wishon-Cove-CampYou have heard about "Where's Waldo?" but on this map I ask: "Where's Kilroy?" <br><br> An original post-WWII pictorial map of Wishon Cove Camp at Wishon Cove on Bass Lake in Crane Valley, California <b>featuring Kilroy</b> (1). Subtitled "San Joaquin Power Club", apparently this camp was originally a private club for the San Joaquin Power Company. Today the camp is run by the Pacific Service Employees Association. <br><br> The map shows hikers, horse-back riders, dancers, hunters, boaters, Boy Scouts, fishermen, and swimmers, all enjoying themselves outdoors on what appears to be some steep slopes. McDougald's store is located next to the shoreline and red-roofed Sam's Place seems to be the local watering hole, surrounded by apartments, dormitories, and numerous outhouses. The camp was named after businessman Arthur Wishon. <br><br> Arthur Emory Wishon, often known as A. Emory Wishon, was a pioneering figure in the development of hydroelectric power in California, using Bass Lake water. He served as a chief engineer and later as a vice president for San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation. His work significantly contributed to the construction of multiple dams and power plants in the region. <br><br>