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5329Manuscript pen and ink antique map of the West Indies by Cruttwell.DetailsCruttwell, Eliza Ann1824
Fine antique manuscript map of West Indies Caribbean Florida
Cruttwell, Eliza Ann
$435.00Cruttwell--Eliza-AnnFine-antique-manuscript-map-of-West-Indies-Caribbean-FloridaA very fine antique pen and ink manuscript map of the West Indies or Caribbean Sea stretching from Florida to South America. This beautiful one-of-a-kind map reflects extreme precision in execution with careful attention to fine detail and lettering. The map is original and 196 years old; it looks beautiful and fresh. <br></br> Shows and labels the provinces of West Florida and East Florida, on a Florida peninsula that has a squared-off form unlike other modern maps of the period and more like Mark Catesby's map of 1743. Includes the islands of Cuba, Santo Domingo, Porto Rico, Trinidad, Barbados, and many of the other usual suspects you would expect to see on a map of the West Indies. <br></br> This manuscript antique map of the West Indies, dated within to November 1824, is by signed by E. A. Cruttwell (probably Eliza Ann Cruttwell) (nee Wilson) the wife of Clement Wilson Cruttwell (1780-1816). Eliza Ann Cruttwell (1783-1858) was born in London, England. <br></br> Eliza Cruttwell's father-in-law, Rev. Clement Cruttwell (1743-1808) was a well known English publisher of maps and atlases. Clement Cruttwell is best known for his work "The New Universal Gazetteer ; or Geographical Dictionary … with twenty-eight whole sheet maps". London. Pub. G. Kearsley. 1798. That large gazetteer, in 3 volumes, was published in 19 editions. Clement Cruttwell's maps were published by G. G. & J. Robinson from London in 1799 in a separate atlas. <br></br> This map was part of a larger lot of manuscript maps by E. A. Cruttwell from the same atlas.