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5469Persuasive advertising with a map of the human circulatory system.DetailsHance Brothers and White1897
Unrecorded anthropomorphic map human circulatory system quack cure
Hance Brothers and White
$495.00Hance-Brothers-and-WhiteUnrecorded-anthropomorphic-map-human-circulatory-system-quack-cureUnrecorded persuasive advertisement for quack cure-alls using a map of the human circulatory system. It superimposes the image of a human with red veins and capillaries over a map of the United States. This cover image crosses several collecting categories- medicine, cartography, advertising, and quackery. <br></br> The ad, from 1897, comprises the cover of vol. 2 no. 3 of "The Frog", a pamphlet targeted at druggists and proprietors of soda fountains. The "Red Blood Frog" edition of "The Frog", printed entirely in red ink, was published in 1897 by Hance Brothers & White, pharmaceutical chemists, a manufacturer of other cure-all remedies including "Frog in your Throat" lozenges. Philadelphia. Dated within at 1897. <br></br> The cover and content of the Red Blood Frog issue was part of a advertising campaign by Hance Brothers & White to promote their line of "blood making goods". These product included sarsaparilla, beef wine and iron, <strong>coca wine</strong>, and elixir celery compound. Wholesale purchasers could even re-brand the product by purchasing custom printed product labels (all in red ink) bearing their own trade information. <br></br> By 1906 Congress moved to restrict quack cures like those promoted in this Red Blood Frog edition by passing the Pure Food and Drug Act, which prohibited transportation of impure or contaminated food and drugs in interstate commerce and required truthful product labeling.